Northeast Chronicles: Tourist Lodges of Mizoram

The tourist lodges of Mizoram, while often run down, offered a wealth of experiences courtesy the eccentric characters which populated them. Read about our experiences in the tourist lodges of Mizoram.

Northeast Chronicles: The Rice Paddies of Champhai

We had decided to go to Champhai, the rice bowl of Mizoram as a base for our forays into Myanmar. But the sleepy hill town had its own, well hidden charms which we explore in this iteration of the Northeast Chronicles.

Northeast Chronicles: The Haze Clad Hills of Aizawl

Aizawl, while being a hill town like any other, was refreshingly free of tourist accouterments which usually accompany the title of a ‘Hill Station’. Read about our experiences in Aizawl in this edition of Northeast Chronicles.

Northeast Chronicles : The Planning

On a chilly morning in Shillong, I lay awake on my bed, wife dear having slapped away all my amorous advances so far. So now, with time to spare, and being wide awake, I wondered if I should be writing all this down. “All this”, started approximately a year back, when I decided that I’d…